This repository contains some IkiWiki plugins we created for our web site or others.

- addtag: In the edit page, allow tagging pages by clicking on tags (instead of having to manually enter the tag directive).
- compile: Compile and publish files on-the-fly.
- datetime_cmp: Pagespec function to match pages by comparing creation or modification time or date (improvement of deprecated plugin created_in_future).
- jscalendar: Javascript version of the calendar plugin.
- monthcalendar: Big month calendar.
- pageversion: Manage different versions of the same page.
- parenttag: Tag pages using subtags as well.
- poetry: Typeset poetry.
- redirect: Redirect a page.
- sidebar2: A remplacement of the sidebar plugin.
- taskreport: A directive to display task data.
- verboseRPC: Help debug external plugins.